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Birth & Labor Doula Support

My role as your doula is to support your emotional and physical needs during the labor and birth process. Research has shown that women who were supported by a doula during birth were less likely to have a cesarean section, less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to advance labor, less likely to use any pain medication, and less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively. Whether you're planning a home birth, birth center birth, or hospital birth, a doula is a great addition to your birth team and can help you feel empowered and supported during your birth journey. I want all of my clients to feel cared for, supported, and empowered with knowledge of their body/the birth process in order to make informed decisions. I want them to be able to look back on that day and remember it as amazing and transformative.

GraceFull Beginnings Doula services supporting a mother in labor leaning on a birth ball

Birth doula package includes:

  • 2 prenatal sessions to help you prepare for birth (2 hrs each)

  • Unlimited support throughout your pregnancy via phone/text/email

  • Assistance with creating your birth plan

  • On-call support for your labor from 37 weeks until baby is here

  • Physical attendance at your birth whether at home, birth center, or hospital

    • I can also meet you at your home to labor with you before we head to the hospital

  • Support & guidance for you & your partner during labor & birth until 1-2 hours after baby's here

  • Photos of labor, birth, & your newborn, if desired (though I am not a professional photographer)

  • Breastfeeding information & assistance

  • Detailed notes from your birth to help you write your birth story

  • 1 postpartum visit in your home in the first 7 weeks after birth (2 hrs)

  • Access to my lending library for pregnancy / birth related books

Birth Doula Package: $975

Half of this fee ($487.50) will be due upfront to reserve your place on my calendar, the second half will be due by your 36th week.

Clients who pay by cash or check will receive a $25 discount.

Discounts are also available to fellow birth workers (midwives, doulas, birth photographers, etc)

I am also open to bartering for the full or partial amount.

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